2017 COS Honorary Member Awards

The Society honored three distinguished people who have impacted the practice of orthopaedic surgeons and the Society at the Annual Meeting on May 12, 2017. Inducted as honorary members of the COS were,

Ms. Connie Rinaldi was nominated by Dr. Gary Friedlaender for the integral role she had in the Yale orthopaedic community for over 37 years. She was being honored for her service and dedication to the orthopaedic profession and for identifying and spearheading a compassionate and respectful patient experience.

Scott Strzelecki of Smith and Nephew was nominated by COS Annual Meeting Program Director, Mike Kaplan, MD. In his nomination, Dr. Kaplan noted Scott’s unwavering service and dedication to the orthopaedic community. Noting his knowledge and professionalism is an asset to the physicians and the care they provide to their patients.

Linda Tafuto, served as a registered nurse at Yale for more than 30 years until her recent retirement and was nominated by Dr. Brian Smith. She has had prominent roles in establishing major health centers for Yale Orthopaedics and in nominating Linda, Dr. Smith noted her decades of leadership, commitment and teamwork which facilitated quality and compassionate care to thousands.

honorarymembers2017withhakimPhoto Caption: Honorary Members from L to R, Connie Rinaldi, Linda Tafuto, COS President Mariam Hakim Zargar, MD and Scott Strezlecki.